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 Below is a list of Regestry Certificates that all italian citizens who are registered in AIRE can request online starting from November 15th 2023, provided that the applicant has an Electronic Id Card (CIE, Spid or CNS).

All certificates listed below are free of charge and can be requested through the following link

Applicants can request any of the below mentioned certificates for themselves or for family members living with them only.


● Anagrafico di nascita
● Anagrafico di matrimonio
● di Cittadinanza
● di Esistenza in vita
● di Residenza
● di Residenza AIRE
● di Stato civile
● di Stato di famiglia
● di Stato di famiglia e di stato civile
● di Residenza in convivenza
● di Stato di famiglia AIRE
● di Stato di famiglia con rapporti di parentela
● di Stato Libero
● Anagrafico di Unione Civile
● di Contratto di Convivenza


Passport application form

Passport application form for under 18

Atto di assenso

Italian minors travelling without their parents  (The form has to be typed)

Dichiarazione validità Patente di Guida  (The form has to be typed)

A.I.R.E. Registration form

Change of Address form

Marriage Certificate registration form

Birth Certificate registration form

Birth Certificate translation form

Tax code Application Form

Permanent repatriation to Italy – Tax exemption form  (The has to must be typed)

Application form to request a Certificate of Italian Citizenship (for Italian citizens only)

Death Certificate registration form

Request of a certification for pension

Modulo CIE2

N.B.: to apply for the different types of visas, Application forms are available on the VFS Visa Application Center Website.