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Student visas for Academic Year 2023/24

The Consulate General of Italy in Dubai informs that the Ministry of University and Research has published the provisions and calendars concerning the procedures for the entry, stay and enrolment of foreign students in higher education courses in Italy for the academic year 2023-2024 (
The visa must be requested by 30 November 2023, no applications will be accepted after.

Pre-enrolment requests must be submitted online through the UNIVERSITALY website. For any queries about the process, you will have to contact the University.

After receiving the provisional admission letter confirming the pre-enrolment, the student can book an appointment through the Consulate General’s Visa Application Center (VFS Dubai). Those who do not need the pre-enrolment can already book their appointment.
The day of the application submission, the student must be in possession of all the documents listed in the specific checklist. Failing to provide the required documents might result in the visa to be rejected.

In addition to the checklist, the Consulate General may at any time request additional documents, including the Declaration of Value, even if the University doesn’t require it.

If you need the Declaration of Value, depending on the school attended and the curriculum of studies followed, you can request the document to the Consulate or Embassy of the Country where the diploma was issued. As an alternative, you can verify with the university if a “Statement of Comparability” released through the CIMEA and NARIC websites are accepted.

The Consulate General of Italy in Dubai only issues DoV for schools following the UAE curriculum. As an example, a student with an IB Diploma obtained in Dubai, has to request the Declaration of Value to the Italian Embassy in Geneva or, as an alternative, might ask for a “Statement of comparability” through the CIMEA website. Similarly, a student who attended a school in Dubai following the Indian curriculum, should request the DoV to the Italian Embassy or Consulates in India.

Visa fees for “University/AFAM enrollment” study is € 50 (exchange rates can be verified here) and are non-refundable.

The decision on the issuance of a visa for study purposes is the exclusive jurisdiction of the Diplomatic/Consular Mission. The approval of a pre-enrolment request for a study course and the relative documentation produced by higher education institutions is to be considered a support for the evaluation of the visa request (DI 850/2011 art. 4 paragraph 2).

Any further updates will be published on the website of this Consulate