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Portale Fast IT


Portale Fast IT

The request for A.I.R.E. registration may also be submitted with the new online pilot service “Fast It”, currently available only in Italian. To proceed with Fast It, please create an account on the link  and follow the instructions below.


NOTE: only citizens who have never received any consular service in Dubai and who have never been registered in the database of the Consulate General in Dubai may proceed to register in A.I.R.E. with Fast It. Citizens who had previously lived in the UAE and, after having repatriated or moved to another country, are coming back to live in the UAE, cannot submit the online request and shall send the A.I.R.E. application form by e-mail or post.

Since May 15th 2018, the system provides a new function “Comunicazione della variazione della residenza” (“Change of Address Notification”), which allows the citizen to communicate to the Consulate in which they are registered their change of address inside the Consular jurisdiction(Example: from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah, from Fujairah to Dubai, from Ajman to Sharjah, etc.).

Before accessing “Fast It” please ensure you have the following documents available:

  • copy of the Italian passport OR identity card currently valid;
  • copy of the residence visa (applied inside the passport);
  • prove of permanent and legal residency abroad, meaning either:
    • current rental agreement/utility bill, OR
    • employment contract.

Change of address inside the Consular jurisdiction:

  • copy of the Italian passport OR identity card currently valid;
  • copy of the resiedence visa.

In case of relatives living abroad, the request for A.I.R.E. registration shall be submitted by the Italian citizen also for the other family members living at the same address(example: spouse, children). However, it is advisable for anyone over the age of 18 to present their own form in order to provide the Italian Municipality with the most exhaustive information. Copy of a passport is required even in case the spouse is not an Italian citizen.

Uncomplete applications will not be accepted.

Requests submitted with Fast It are accessible online. The citizen is expected to access the service with their account in oder to check the staus of their request. 

In case of technical issues, the citizen is invited to submit the A.I.R.E. registration request by e-mail or post.


How to use “FAST IT”:

- FIRST STEP: registration

  • The person needs to be an Italian Citizen.
  • The citizen will have to provide an e-mail address and password (from 8 to 16 types, at least 1 capital letter, 1 number and 1 special character).

- SECOND STEP: account activation

  • The person will receive an e-mail for the activation of their account (please click on the link “ATTIVAZIONE UTENZA”). In case of non activation within 72 hours, a new code for the activation will have to be requested (INVIO NUOVO CODICE DI ATTIVAZIONE).

- THIRD STEP: filling up the request

  • After the activation of the account is done, please access the system to fill up the form for the online A.I.R.E. registration (ANAGRAFE CONSOLARE E AIRE), attatching all the requested documents mentioned above.

Click here to register in A.I.R.E. with Fast It


NOTE: the PIN numbermentioned in the online platform “Fast It”is not necessary to submit the A.I.R.E. registration request.

Services which require the PIN number are not yet activated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. As soon as the service is activated, this Consulate will publish a notice on how to obtain the PIN number. Please note that it will not be possible to generate the PIN number autonomously.

ATTENTION!Please open and read carefully the following documents with the NECESSARY INFORMATION to successfully complete the Registration and successively compiling  the Request for A.I.R.E. registration with Fast It.

Any special character (ex. ~ / ç) and accent (^´ ' ) will not be accepted.



Once the citizen receives a confirmation e-mail regarding the registration in the database of the General Consulate of Italy in Dubai from the Registry Office of this Consulate, they will be able to apply for consular services regardless the status “in lavorazione” which may continue to appear in Fast It.

Once the application with all the required documents is submitted, the procedure of registration/updating A.I.R.E may take a maximum of 180 days by law. The citizen will receive an e-mail as soon as the Consulate completes the necessary verifications.  

In case of an incomplete request, the Registry Office of this Consulate shall directly contact the person in case of further documentation or information needed.

Please note that submitting the AIRE regitration process on “Fast It” doesn’t mean that the registration is complete, it is just an automatic procedure to reduce typing mistakes or the submission of incomplete requests.

The service is constantly evolving and will soon offer further online services.