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Driving License


Driving License


Italian driving license holders may request the conversion directly to the RTA – Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai, by submitting the Declaration confirming the validity of the driving license.
To request such declaration, you must first book an appointment through the "PRENOTAONLINE" system under the service "Other Consular Services" and then submit the declaration form duly completed along with the valid Italian driving license.


Who can obtain the driving license?
• Italian driving license holders regularly residing or residing for a period of at least 6 months in non-EU countries holding the psychological and physical requirements laid down by the current rules and duly certified from trusted physicians, can obtain at the competent Italian Diplomatic-Consular Authorities the confirmation of validity of their Italian driving license which has expired for no longer than three years.

Who cannot obtain the driving license?
• Persons with diabetes, the injured and disabled; the persons over 65 years licensed for driving trucks of total mass greater than 3,5 t with full load, trailer trucks and articulated lorries, used for the transportation of objects of a total mass not greater than 20 t with full load, public works vehicles: for such categories a committee medical examination is mandatory at the Local Health Authority (ASL) in Italy.

What is necessary to present to the Consular Authority in order to obtain the attestation?
1. Request of confirming the validity of the Italian driving license;
2. Medical certificate issued from the Consulate’s trusted physician Dr. Sergio Mazzei – General Surgeon, Al Das Medical Clinic Palm Jumeirah – Shoreline APT – Building N. 10 – Ground Floor Tel. 04 4529998, Mob. 050 9487224, email: (NB: the fees payable are borne by the Italian national). In order to obtain the medical certificate, a valid passport, an Italian driving license and a recent passport photo must be presented;
3. Expired driving license for not more than 3 years;
4. Payment of the equivalent of € 41.00 in dirham (other currencies are not accepted and the payment must be in cash) which can slightly fluctuate according to the official exchange rate of the Embassy.

How does the issuance occur?
• A specific “Consular Attestation confirming the validity of the driving license” is issued and which is valid exclusively for the period of residence abroad and it must be kept along with the expired original driving license and, upon request, it must be showed with it.
• When returning back to Italy, the driving license holder must contact the competent authorities, “Ufficio Provinciale della Motorizzazione Civile” and arrange for the renewal of his own driving license.

For which categories is the attestation valid? And for which period?
The attestation is valid for the holder’s period of stay abroad with the following limitations:

Category Under 50 years  Over 50 Over 60 Over 65 Over 70
A 10 5 5 5 3
B 10 5 5 5 3
C 5 5 5 2 2
D 5 5 1 - -

The driving license of the category E (BE, CE, etc.) has the same validity of the driving license with which it is associated.
NB Duplicates of lost, destroyed or stolen driving licenses must be requested in Italy at the competent office “ Ufficio Provinciale della Direzione Generale della M.C.T.C.”
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