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Please note that the law provides only for the issuance of a new
passport. Renewals are no longer possible.

To request a new passport, please book an appointment with due advance . Every appointment is valid only for one passport application. click HERE to book.

You may apply for a passport at the Consulate General of Italy in Dubai if you are an Italian national residing in the Emirates of Dubai, Sharjah. Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujeirah or Umm Al Quwain and are registered both in the Consulate Register and in the A.I.R.E. (Anagrafe Italiani Residenti all’Estero – Register of Italians residing abroad) of an Italian “comune” (town hall).

The fee for an ordinary passport will be established according to the quarterly exchange rate and can only be paid in cash. Payment can be made only in UAE Dirhams.

Requirements for issuance of new passport for adults:

The applicant is required to attend in person at this Consulate the day of the appointment for fingerprinting and submit the documentation indicated below:

 ·Two front-facing identical passport size colored photos on a white background.

 ·Previous Italian passport or if the passport is lost, another valid Italian ID and the copy of the same.

 ·Application form.

Applicants with minor children, must have consent (click here for consent form) of the non-applying parent, even if separated or divorced.

If the non-applying parent is an EU national, it will be sufficient to submit his/her written consent together with a photocopy of his/her passport or valid ID (include page with signature) of the EU country of citizenship.

On the other hand, if the non-applying parent is not an EU national, he/she must attend in person with a valid photo ID to sign his/her consent. The signature must be authenticated by an officer at the Consulate (the authentication is subject to consular fees).

N.B. Applicants, who have minor children not yet registered in Italy, must submit the birth certificates of their minor children on which the parents’ names appear and which have been issued by the local Health Authority.

Requirements for issuance of new passport for minors:

children must have their own individual passport, the validity of which varies depending on the age: 3 years validity for minors aged    0 to 3 and 5 years for minors aged 3 to 18. Minors under 12 do not require fingerprinting, they are, however, required to attend in person.

Minor applicants must have parental consent from both parents for their passport.

NOTE: new legislation entered into effect as from 4 June 2014 regarding the “statement of accompaniment” for all Italian minors travelling abroad unaccompanied by at least one legal parent or guardian.

Instructions for newborns

Parents must submit their child’s birth certificate to the Consular Office beforehand so that the Registry Office can verify that the child is born to an Italian national.
In short, we are unable to accept passport applications for newborns if their birth certificate has not been registered at the Consulate and forwarded on to the town hall (comune) of reference in Italy.
For more information about registering birth certificates click here